SpanishClub support 21stCentury Learning ‘Learn how to learn’


SpanishClub Multimodal Pedagogy developed and improves individuals’ multiliteracies (e.g. printing and digital). This approach enhances individuals’ communication and learning competences. SpanishClub embrace a broad view of literacies as meaning-making, modes of communication and conceptualisation, therefore SpanishClub recognise, support and expand individuals’ favoured modes.

  • SpanishClub explicitly teaches learning and thinking skills.Individuals become aware of their learning mechanisms, monitor and improve their performance and develop new learning strategies. Individuals will be able to learn faster and better.These competences can be applied and transferred to different environments.
  • Individuals concentrate for longer periods, manage distractions and also their own performance

  • Individuals connect learning from different contexts (school, work, family, friends and holidays)

  • Individuals improve and develop listening skills; they put themselves in active listening situations. Listening is the most fundamental component of interpersonal communication skills

  • SpanishClub use of creativity activates both parts of the brain. When we access both hemispheres we are able to function more efficiently

  • Individuals learn to memorise better. Memory plays a very important role in the learning process, academic and work performance

  • Individuals learn to know themselves and in which ways to learn more effectively