Language Coaching Facilitator

Language Coaching Facilitator

Learning a second language has become an essential component on the 21st century. There are clear advantages from learning languages, yet there is a misunderstanding about language pedagogy - how we learn/teach a language. Clubespanol has been designed The Language Coaching Programme to help you to become a LCF (Language Coaching Facilitator). It focusses on develop yourself as a unique individual, focusses on theory and practice of “meaning-making” the new learning paradigm.


  • Spanish Grammar
  • Meaning-making theory and practice 
  • How to design a session 
  • How to incorporate grammar into classes
  • How to use technology
  • Children’s language learning
  • Adult’s language learning
  • How to design a face2face and online session 

Apply:  By sending your CV to 



Focusses on personalised learning

Focusses on a curriculum

Focusses on the process and outcomes

Focusses on outcomes

It is interactive

It’s passive

Facilitates critical thinking, metacognition (reflection and feedback) and decision making

Focusses only on skills

Focusses on personal development, use of active listening skills, non-verbal communication, having a non-judgmental attitude, being supportive and objective

Focusses on predetermined standardise content